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Grass Fed Lamb

Our flock grazes our pastures on a rotational basis and gets locally sourced grass and alfalfa hay.

Since we primarily raise our lambs for breeding stock and for their fleece we only occasionally have lamb meat available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing cuts of meat, or a locker lamb, please contact us to check on availability.

Prices for Grass Fed Lamb Meat

Leg Bone-in
Leg Boneless
Shoulder Roast
Ground Meat
Sirloin Chops
Stew Meat
Stew Bones


Locker Lamb

This term refers to purchasing the entire animal, or splitting with someone else. You buy the animal and we will transport it for you to your choice of processor along with your order for choice of cuts. You will pay the processor directly and arrange for pickup of your meat. The advantage of this program is you get all cuts of meat at a lower cost, plus all the bones that can
be used for soups, bone broth or your favorite bone-loving pets.

Our lambs generally range between 60 and 90 pounds at time of processing which equates to roughly 30 to 45 pounds of packaged meat. The price for 2019 will be the same as last year and is calculated based on the hanging weight.  This gives you a clear understanding of the final cost of the total product.  The price is $5.00 per pound, hanging weight.  For this you receive all cuts the way you specify, wrapped and marked for your freezer.  The processing fee is charged separately and is a transaction between you and the butcher. We have been working with the following processors.

Western Way, Moriarty, USDA inspected Cost approximately $75

Jaramillo Custom Processing, Los Lunas, State Inspected, Cost $75

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