Our Sheep

Navajo-Churros, with their long staple of protective top coat and soft undercoat, are well suited to extremes of climate. Some rams have four fully developed horns, a trait shared by few other breeds of the world. The Navajo-Churro is highly resistant to disease, and although it responds to individual attention, it needs no pampering to survive and prosper. The ewes lamb easily and are fiercely protective. Twins and triplets are not uncommon. The flavor of the meat is incomparably superior, with a surprisingly low-fat content.

Please note that we have sold all this year's lamb crop other than those we are planning to add to our breeding flock.  Thank you to all who have purchased from us this year.

If you are interested in purchasing lambs from next year's crop, please send us a note so we can let you know what will be available, and when; plus indicate if you have particular interests; i.e., sex, color, polled, etc.


Riff Raff, 3 year old ewe.  Excellent mama and great fleece

Riff Raff ewe lamb Monique


Tawny's ram lamb Teddy


Peter,  Patty's twin ram lamb

Aster's ewe lamb Erica

Erica won Reserve Champion at the 2019 joint Navajo-Churro Association/Sheep is Life  sheep show


Charlie, 4-horn ram born 16 March 2019



Celestine and lamb ram Cassius

Cassius won Grand Champion at the 2019 joint Navajo-Churro Association/Sheep is Life  sheep show

Teddy was born March 2019. His twin sister is Tanya, also a beautiful reddish brown. Their dam is Tawny who has beautiful lustrous apricot fleece. $180



One of our herd sires. Siegfried is a beautiful and gentle 2 year-old. He has sired not only white lambs that look a lot like him, such as Peter, but also many of our colored lambs such as Teddy and Charlie

Siegfried's fleece get a Reserve Champion for white rams at the 2019 Navajo-Churro Sheep Assoc./Sheep is Life wool show


Two-year old ewe and and mama of a jet black 2-horned ram and brown ewe.


Target is a twin and daughter of Riff Raff. She is the friendliest of all our sheep and not at all bashful about asking for some fresh weeds or a scratch on her nose.

She will remain in our breeding program

Charlie and Charlene were born to Charlotte, a two-year old brown ewe. Charlie has already gone on to live on the Navajo Reservation; Charlene has also gone to a new home.

The little white lamb's mama came from near Kayenta. Siegfried is her daddy

Beau is our yearling ram who has already sired a grand champion ram and reserve champion ewe, as well as earning a blue ribbon in the yearling ram class. In addition, his fleece has been a real favorite with our hand-spinner customers

His Dam is RM Bella (white) and Sire is Prince, a black 4-horn.


These are part of our Class of 2018.  Rachel, Allie, Celeste

Brenda is a 2018 ewe. Her dam is Blaze

Brenda has a good conformation and was born brown. This picture was taken about 3 months after shearing.

And here's Brenda nuzzling Darwin, our 2 1/2 year old LGD.  Darwin is tough on coyotes and loose dogs, but doesn't fool the sheep.